Text Box: INterspeech special session

INTERSPEECH 2006 ICSLP, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 1721 September 2006

This special session on Speech and Language Technology in Education, organized by Patti Price and Abeer Alwan, was created to help form a bridge between research and deployment of speech and language-based educational technology by:

1. informing researchers of commercial efforts and real-world conditions of use with a view toward inspiring new research strategies, and

2. informing commercial efforts and educational representatives of research directions that might be deployed.


The session included:

 a one hour session of posters/demos session followed by

 a panel discussion with about four 10-minute presentations from panelists, and

 fifteen minutes of discussion/questions from the audience.


The goal was to cover speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding and generation work being done in various parts of the world. For the panel, we sought individuals to span the range from more research-oriented to more application oriented, and who represent a fairly broad coverage of speech and language technologies. Each panelist reviewed a subset of the presentations and had 10 minutes to comment on them and make general observations. We requested people representing commercial and nonprofit applications (including representatives of schools or education more generally) to comment on the commercial possibilities of the research described in the poster/demo session, and to ask questions about research they didn't see but would like to. Analogously, we requested people representing research to comment on research ideas that commercial applications have inspired, or applications they didn't see but think are feasible given the research, or what research still needs to be done for envisioned applications.